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V-process coating

Exothermic-insulating sleeves are used to increase the yield in foundry practice. Function of the sleeve is predominant to enhance the effective casting modulus by increasing feeding efficiency. This is represented by a modulus extension factor (MEF)

product details
  • Features

    ·The V method coating has the characteristics of good adhesion, good stability under pouring impact, high strength after drying or self-drying, no delamination and no cracking.

    ·Our series of coatings have the characteristics of high refractoriness, good peelability and low gas evolution. The surface of the casting is smooth, without blow hole and sand burning.

    ·Our series of coatings have good brushability, adhesion and suspendability, and has be widely used in railway accessories, forklift counterweights and aviation support products.

  • Application

    Suitable for cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous alloy castings. We can develop special products according to customer‘s need.

  • Instructions

    ·Before using, the coating should be diluted to the required density, then stirring evenly.

    ·Use the method of spraying and brushing, make the coating dry naturaly or by low temperature.                           

    Storage and transportation

    Storage period: 3 months

    The coating should be far away from the fire source during storage, transportation or use. Coating should be seen as the inflammable and explosive goods to handle.



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